Can You Eat Granola with Braces, Best Advice 2022

Can You Eat Granola with Braces

  can you eat granola with braces? It is not safe to eat granola while wearing braces, as it is harmful to orthodontic treatment. You may break your braces or loosen your brackets if you bite down on the incorrect side while wearing braces. Instead of granola or cereal, you can replace it with oatmeal … Read more

Can You Eat Pretzels With Braces, Unbelievable Value 2022

Can You Eat Pretzels with Braces

  can you eat pretzels with braces? no. you can’t eat pretzels with braces, they will damage your brace wires and brackets, avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods. However, pretzels aren’t necessarily healthy snacks. but they are usually considered to be hard food.¬† pretzels are not recommended by dentists. getting pretzels stuck in your braces … Read more

Can You Smoke with Braces, Why Need to Avoid 2022

Can you Smoke with Braces

  can you smoke with braces? no, you can’t be smoking with braces before and after getting braces, No matter what orthodontic treatment you are receiving, smoking can negatively impact the outcome. A healthy, beautiful smile may be harmed if you smoke. The risks of oral and general health problems during treatment are greatly increased … Read more