Can You Eat Boba With Braces, Must Know About Harmful 2023


can you eat boba with braces? yes, you can eat boba with braces in moderation, the best thing is to avoid eating boba, an item that’s commonly enjoyed after meals. It will help your kids keep their breath fresh if you feed them without braces,

Boba pearls may stick to brackets and wires and might get caught. you should brush and floss after eating boba because it’s quite sweet so you can get cavities. It’s fairly safe to eat boba with braces because the boba are chewy and soft to chew,

when you wear braces you can drink boba in small quantities,  and if you follow a few simple guidelines you should not have too much trouble with your child’s orthodontic treatment.


What is Boba

Tapioca beads are the main ingredient in boba milk tea or bubble tea. Asia has a tendency to consume this beverage as a part of their subculture, so it’s more popular in Singapore, Thailand, and Korea. Antioxidants are responsible for the health benefits of boba milk tea. The tea comes in a variety of flavors.

If you look at the term holistically, boba can also refer to the mix of drink and toppings, with the most popular topping being the tapioca pearls themselves – they’re also known as boba by the way. I know, it’s complicated, but keep reading.

Depending on where you are from, the drink can also be called bubble tea,tapioca tea, and pearl tea,  Cassava starch, a root vegetable from South America also known as yuca, is used to make the tapioca pearls that are also called boba.


Can You Eat Boba with Braces

can you eat boba with braces? The reply is no, you should avoid consuming it during orthodontic treatment, if your lover of boba then you may eat a small amount weekly once,

Boba has many health benefits but while wearing braces you have to avoid chewy foods, dentist does not recommend sugary types of foods, Boba typically contains low sugar and stimulates saliva production, which is beneficial for protecting teeth from cavities.

Sugars that remain on the teeth are washed away during this step. Choosing soft or hard chew for braces is up to you, but there is no particular boba for braces that you should use. It is preferable to use soft strips with braces because they reduce the likelihood of appliances breaking or being bent.


Are You Allowed to Eat Boba with Braces

Dentists don’t recommend boba because it contains sugar, which is harmful to your teeth and braces. The sugary drink will breed bacteria and cause tooth decay, especially if you wear braces.

Whatever way they wish to eat/drink their boba, they can do so as long as they do not swallow it. However, chewing your tapioca balls would certainly provide more benefits than just eating them.

Furthermore, these pearls are basically all carbs without any minerals, vitamins, fiber, or other potential health benefits. Having boba tea every now and then is relatively harmless, but eating it regularly might have negative consequences, especially if you don’t chew it first before swallowing it.


What are the side effects of boba?

Several health hazards are associated with sugar-sweetened beverages, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

The calorie-filled and sugar-filled snacks of Boba don’t offer much nutrition. Drinking too much would only cause more harm than good since it’s a sugary drink meant to be an occasional dessert.

The most common diameter of boba is 2.2mm. Accordingly, doctors say if a few pearls are slurped up at the same time with a straw, the airway may become blocked. a person may die from suffocation.


Can You Eat Boba Pearls with Braces

can you eat boba pearls with braces? No, you should avoid with braces, calories, and carbohydrates contained in the boba, however, provide a boost to your energy levels, though the boba itself provides very few health benefits. 

Boba pearls, coffee and tea are often high in sugar, which can lead to long-term health problems such as tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity. In addition, the pearls might stick to your braces since they are sticky. You might also find it painful at first to chew the pearls.

During braces treatment very important foods and drinks to keep safe and painless treatment journey so batter to avoid with braces specially boba pearls, tea, coffee, and other foods and drinks.


Are Boba Pearls Toxic?

The results of these studies have yet to be revealed, so more research needs to be done before we can conclude whether boba contains any potentially harmful compounds. However, as long as you don’t drink boba every day, your risk of developing cancer.

Boba, due to its high sugar content, is best enjoyed occasionally instead of being consumed consistently as a part of a balanced diet, also boba pearls are not digesting easily, specifically under 14- 16 years old people.


Can You Chew Boba with Braces

Many people ask can you chew boba with braces, the answer is no, you cant take chew boba with braces, chewy foods are not safe to eat with braces, when wearing orthodontic appliances must be careful with chewy foods,  they might be stuck under brackets, which might be difficult to remove,

Chew boba contains a lot of sugar which is dangerous for braces and our health, the truth is it has several benefits but you cant eat a larger quantity, particularly for orthodontic treatment and diabetic issues, 

What is chew boba made out of? In order to make Boba pearls, tapioca starch is extracted from cassava roots, so customers who are concerned about the use of gelatin can rest easy.

When the pearls or bubbles are fully expanded, they do not dissolve quickly due to the tapioca ingredient. Hence, they are potentially hazardous if eaten without chewing aw well so best idea to ignore them for a few months until not finishing the treatment.


Can You Eat Bubble Tea with Braces

can you eat bubble tea with braces? No, bubble tea with braces is not safe to drink, as dentists always recommend avoiding sugary beverages while wearing braces, as bubble tea will increase cavities, gum disease, and bacteria.

Most people ask can I drink boba with braces?  If you’re a lover of bubble tea, you can drink it once a week not regular basis, but you must floss and brush after drinking bubble tea if you have braces.

bubble tea is an incredibly unique drink that originated in Taiwan. It is a blend of tea, milk, fruit, and juices that are finished off with bubbles and tasty tapioca pearls. even It tastes so delicious that braces will not keep your teeth clean and safe.


Health Benefits of Boba Tea

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Risk of Cancer
  • Potential Risks of Boba Tea
  • Increased Risk of Obesity and Diseases
  • Allergic Reactions


Can I Drink Boba with Braces

can I drink boba with braces? Undoubtedly, no, drink boba with braces dentist not allowed, its have many harmful indigents which will make slow down your treatment process and impact results,

In case you are addicted with drink boba, you must consult your orthodontist before drinking boba with braces, as it might turn out negatively. The dentist will advise you based on the treatment,

However, there is a potential choking hazard with the pearls. It is especially dangerous for children under four years of age to inhale pearls accidentally aspirated.

There is no fiber in boba and it is mainly composed of carbs. Average bubble tea contains 500 calories and more than 50 grams of sugar. Occasionally drinking bubble tea is unlikely to be detrimental to your health, but it shouldn’t be consumed daily.


can I eat popping boba with braces

This summer, Dunkin’ is keeping things cool by giving its drinks a little refreshing pop. Popping Bubbles will be added to the Starbucks menu on June 23 as many Americans begin to leave their quarantine bubbles.


What does boba taste like?

Most of the time, it is very sweet! This drink usually has a thick frothy consistency while slurping through a straw, with a texture similar to tapioca balls. Isn’t as thick or as cold as iced tea, milkshakes, or juice bar drinks, unless it’s slushy.

What is boba made of fish? The tapioca starch that goes into making Boba pearls comes from the cassava root, so customers who are concerned about gelatin are at ease knowing they are not eating something made of it.


Boba Nutrition Facts

The nutrients in boba tea account for only the average amount. In addition to the pudding and yogurt that is blended into many boba teas, you can also find jelly, jams, and syrups. 

Boba tea contains the following nutrients per 8 ounces, according to the USDA:

  • Calories: 240
  • Total fat: 3g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Total carbs: 56g
  • Sugar: 40g
  • Dietary fiber: 0g
  • Sodium: 38.4mg
  • Protein: 0g
  • Calcium: 250mg

Several vitamins and minerals are found in boba tea. Nevertheless, they are only in trace amounts.

  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Selenium


Best 6 Types of Boba 

  • Bubble Tea
  • Tapioca Pearl Drink
  • Black Pearl Tea
  • Pearl Shake
  • Pearl Tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea


15 Safe Foods You Can Eat with Braces

  1. Yogurt
  2. Soup
  3. Sweet Potatoes
  4. Fish
  5. Fruits
  6. Veggies
  7. Eggs
  8. Smoothies
  9. Protein Shakes
  10. Ground Chicken Or Turkey
  11. Oats And Oatmeal
  12.  Pancakes
  13. peanut butter
  14. Pasta
  15. Sweets


What Can I Drink with Braces 

After drinking all that delicious food and beverages, you need to clean your teeth. If you have braces, you can still do that!  A great alternative to these foods is to eat while wearing braces.

  • Apple juice
  • Horchata
  • Boba tea
  • Mango lassi
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot Coffee
  • Coffee Nitro cold brew
  • Orange juice
  • Hot tea
  • Lemonade
  • Sweet tea
  • Milk
  • Still Water
  • Smoothies
  • Low Sugar Drinks


Drinks to Avoid with Braces

It may be more effective and more attractive to wear clear braces with clear ties. Clear braces are not likely to tarnish or stain when eating certain foods, but certain foods can cause this to happen. These foods should be avoided when wearing transparent ties or clear braces. 

These foods may cause your braces to loosen. Don’t eat these foods if you’re wearing metal braces.

  1. Hot Coffee
  2. Iced Coffee
  3. Hot Tea
  4. Iced Tea
  5. Fizzy Drinks
  6. Carbonated Drinks
  7. Natural Fruit Juices
  8. Energy Drinks
  9. Sports Drinks
  10. Curry
  11. Spiced foods with turmeric
  12. Spaghetti and red pasta sauces
  13. Pizza sauce
  14. Enchilada sauce
  15. Balsamic vinegar
  16. Soy sauce
  17. Pomegranates
  18. Blueberries


Foods You Can’t Eat With Braces

There are still many foods that won’t work with braces, even though hot chips, popcorn, and hard candies are among the worst. avoiding certain foods list while wearing braces can be found below. 

  1. Chewing gum
  2. Taffy
  3. Hard candy
  4. toast
  5. Cheez-It
  6. raw vegetables
  7. Caramels
  8. Starbursts
  9. Celery
  10. Caramel apples
  11. Licorice
  12. Tootsie rolls
  13. Now and laters
  14. Popcorn
  15. pecans
  16. Nuts
  17. Ice Cream
  18. Kettle corn
  19. Rice cakes
  20. Pringles
  21. Cookies
  22. Granola
  23. Doritos
  24. Saltine crackers
  25. Tostadas
  26. Hardshell tacos
  27. Whole apples
  28. Hot Cheetos
  29. A fruity gummy snack
  30. Fried chicken
  31. Thick bagels
  32. Gummy worms
  33. Tortilla chips
  34. Hard tacos
  35. Pretzels
  36. Cheese puffs
  37. Hot fries
  38. Cheetos
  39. cashews
  40. Graham crackers
  41. Goldfish
  42. Takis
  43. Funyuns
  44. Sun chips
  45. Fries with shoestrings
  46. Caramel apples
  47. Pizza crust
  48. Thin crust pizza
  49. Lays chips
  50. French fries
  51. Fried shoestring potatoes
  52. Crackers
  53. Crunchy bread
  54. Hard tacos
  55. Kettle corn popcorn
  56. Cheese popcorn
  57. French fries cut into waffles
  58. Caramel popcorn
  59. Corn on the cob



Many patients ask can you eat boba with braces? During orthodontic treatment, you shouldn’t consume it, if you love it, you can eat a small amount once every week.

Boba’s many health benefits are negated by the fact that you have to avoid chewy foods while wearing braces, dentists do not recommend sugary foods, Boba typically contains low sugar and stimulates saliva production, which protects teeth from cavities.

Soft appliances should be used with braces since there is a reduced chance of them breaking or being a bent, best idea to avoid bobs with braces on, however before you going to consume you need to ask your dentist, Thank you 

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